Student Recognition » School Behavior Matrix

School Behavior Matrix

All students at Del Rey are expected to know how to behave at school. Charts like this are posted throughout school as reminders. We are always safe, respectful, and responsible.
  Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible
All Common Areas
  • Walk facing forward
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Get adult help for accidents and spills
  • Use all equipment and materials appropriately
  • Use kind words and actions
  • Wait for your turn
  • Clean up after self
  • Follow adult directions
  • Follow school rules
  • Remind others to follow school rules
  • Take proper care of all personal belongings and school equipment
  • Be honest
  • When leaving, get permission and take a buddy
  • Keep all food to self
  • Sit with feet on floor, bottom on bench, and facing table
  • Allow anyone to sit next to you
  • Use quiet voices
  • Raise hand and wait to be excused
  • Get all utensils, milk, etc, when first going through the line
  • Walk to and from the playground
  • Stay within boundaries
  • Be aware of activities/games around you
  • Play fairly
  • Include everyone
  • Find a conflict manager to solve problems
Hallways and Passing Areas
  • Stay to the right
  • Allow others to pass
  • Hold the door open for the person behind you
  • Use quiet voices
  • Stay on sidewalks
  • Walk quickly
  • Keep feet on floor
  • Keep water in sink
  • Wash hands
  • Put towels in garbage can
  • Knock on stall door
  • Give people privacy
  • Use quiet voices
  • Flush toilet after use
  • Return to room promptly
Arrival and Dismissal Areas
  • Walk on campus
  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Wear helmets on bikes
  • Arrive on time
  • Leave on time
  • Get permission to use the phone
Computer Lab and Library  
  • Use quiet voices
  • Ask for help
Assemblies and Special Events
  • Wait for arrival and dismissal signal
  • Use audience manners
  • Sit on bottom
  • Participate when invited