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Del Rey Code of Conduct and Handbook



"Every Day Counts" Good attendance will help children do well in throughout their school years and continue on into their careers. Click and print handout for more information.


If your student will be absent, please call our Attendance Line: 510-317-5001 and provide student's name, your name and relationship to student, best way to contact you if needed, and information regarding reason and length of absence. ~ Thank you



To contact the School Office Assistant/Attendance Clerk, Ms. Hobson, call 510-317-5012 or email [email protected]


The Governing Board believes that regular full time attendance plays a key role in student achievement. The Board of Education believes that students should arrive to their assigned classes on time, and that chronic absence and/or tardiness is irresponsible and disruptive to the learning process. The Board recognizes its responsibility under the law to ensure and encourage that students attend school regularly and full time. Parents or legal guardians of children aged 6 to 18 are mandated to send their children to school full-time unless otherwise provided by law.

Complete District Board Policy (BP 5112) available here.

California law (Ed. Code 49423) requires students in need of assistance with prescribed medication during the regular school day to have on file:

1. A written statement from the physician.

2. A written statement from the parent or guardian.

Forms for this purpose can be obtained from the school office.

Emergency Anaphylaxis Treatment - Please click to read Parent Notice about emergency treatment